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Head Boxing Coach – Randy Wood

Randy’s interest in martial arts stemmed from often being bullied as a child. His martial arts journey began with wrestling at the age of 14. This helped to instill confidence, discipline, and the ability for him to defend himself. After wrestling through high school, he then took up training in Boxing, while also dabbling in some brief training in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Judo.

With Boxing being his primary passion, he decided to focus primarily on that. From the start, he was fortunate enough to be surrounded with many professional fighters, coaches, and tough sparring partners and fighters. From the moment he put on gloves, he became obsessed with his own training, as well as sharing this passion, progress, and knowledge with others! Randy’s personal mission with boxing is to bring positive progression on a personal level to other people.

While your fight may not be a physical confrontation, we all fight something, and boxing can provide you the mental, and emotional strength to win your fight; and there’s nobody better to have in your corner than Randy Wood!

Boxing Coach – Stuart Smith

Stuart’s passion for martial arts began at a young age when he began Shotokan Karate then quickly transitioned to American kickboxing and wrestling through high school. While pursuing a degree in Kinesiology at East Carolina University, Stuart discovered a Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school. There, he began training in preparation for his first Mixed Martial Arts bout. After graduation in 2012 and becoming a certified Health Fitness Specialist, Stuart moved to Raleigh where he joined Gracie Raleigh to further his passion as a martial artist and coach. He is currently a Purple Belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Brandon Garner.

Stuart has an MMA record of 3-1 and has developed a striking style cohesive to MMA that focuses on efficiency and fluidity of movement, timing and precision by utilizing his experience in various forms of martial arts. Stuart brings nearly 10 years of coaching experience and 15+ years of competitive martial arts experience to Knuckle Up. His passion is in helping build people up and reach their goals, whether it be learning self-defense, competing, or simply bettering their health and fitness, while learning a valuable skill. He is extremely motivated and excited to be a part of the KU team, and will help us to provide an exceptional service to the downtown Raleigh community.